Since 1997, Chesapeake Capital Partners, LLC (Chesapeake Capital) has been a leading source of private equity and other creative financing solutions for small and mid-sized real estate development projects in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Chesapeake Capital has the ability to provide a wide range of professional management services and invests its proprietary capital in every originated transaction. Chesapeake Capital is constantly searching out opportunistic real-estate-related investments and has been successful, over many years and through varying market conditions, in structuring these investments in a manner which has consistently provided above-average risk-adjusted returns for investors relative to the asset classes in which we invest.

Chesapeake Capital’s existing Investment Portfolios are defined in three categories: Residential Real Estate, Neighborhood Commercial and Private Water and Sewer Assessments. In addition, Chesapeake Capital provides Advisory Services, on a selective basis, to other entrepreneurs in real estate and other industries.

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