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Since 1997, Chesapeake Capital Partners, LLC (Chesapeake Capital) has been a leading source of private equity and other creative financing solutions for small and mid-sized real estate development projects in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Chesapeake Capital has the ability to provide a wide range of professional management services and invests its proprietary capital in every transaction that is originated. Chesapeake Capital is constantly searching out opportunistic real estate related investments and we have been successful in structuring these investments in a manner which has consistently provided above average risk adjusted returns for investors, relative to the asset classes in which we invest.

Chesapeake Capital defines its existing investment portfolios in two categories:
Real Estate Investments and Private Water and Sewer Assessments. In addition, Chesapeake Capital provides Advisory Services, on a selective basis, to other entrepreneurs in real estate and other basic industries.

Chesapeake Capital's depth of experience in the areas of finance, financial management, private equity and real estate development has proven to be a successful combination in bridging the gap between the capital markets, corporate homebuilding and entrepreneurial land development activities.

The firm's consistent strategy has been to partner with quality Developers, Builders and other professionals with extensive knowledge in the local markets in which we invest. We view our many long term relationships, with both our Investors and our partners in the real estate community, as the best testament to the firm's probity and to the value-added we have been able to provide on both sides of a transaction.